• How to raise a claim request?

    You can either raise a claim by directly contacting the insurer or by connecting with Ola Electric helpline number at 08033113311

    Here is the process for different Insurers:

    Acko claim steps
    1. Call 1800-266-2256 or login to acko.com with your registered mobile number mentioned on your policy copy.
    2. You will be asked to verify via an OTP sent to your registered number
    3. Enter your Cx will be able to his Policy Card,
    4. click on 'Claim Now'
    5. Answer a few questions that follow and you are done. Acko's claims expert will get back to you shortly and assist you on the next steps
    or claim can be raised via Acko App as well

    Digit claim steps
    1. Call 1800-300-3448 or write an email to hello@godigit.com.
    2. We'll share a link with you for self inspection on your registered mobile number.
    3. Click pictures of the damaged parts of your vehicle.

    ICICI claim steps
    You can raise a claim at - https://www.icicilombard.com/motor-insurance-claims#/claimOptions,Call 1800 2666 (toll-free) or via the IL Take Care App.

    For Insurance opt-out cases (for customers who didn't purchase Insurance via OLA platform):
    Please follow the instructions as mentioned on your insurance policy documennt

  • Do you offer Roadside Assistance ?

    Roadside assistance is offered free of charge for issues covered under warranty. For accidental cases, it is offered for a convenience charge of Rs 1999+GST. 

    This service is included in both Ola Care and Ola Care + plans and is free for subscribers.  

  • Why is it mandatory to select insurance for Financing Journey?

    Banks mandate to share the insurance copy with them before they can disburse the loan. Please select the insurance offered on the Ola Portal to speed up the vehicle delivery process.

  • When do we have to purchase insurance?

    Submitting your insurance policy is mandatory to initiate the RTO process. If you are buying the insurance on your own we strongly advise you to buy it as soon as we share your vehicle details.

  • If I choose the insurance suggested on the Ola portal, will I get support from Ola while making a claim?

    Absolutely! you can reach out to us on our helpline number and we will help you out at the time of your claim.

  • Is it possible to get lesser price insurance outside of Ola portal?

    Our insurance is the best in terms of price and value for the given IDV and motor power in India.

  • Is it compulsory that we go with insurance company suggested on the Ola portal?

    No, you can choose your own insurer. However, we suggest you to opt for insurers from our portal for a better claim experience and hassle-free cashless service.

  • What is Personal Accident Cover?

    By purchasing this cover, you get a 15 Lakh coverage against death or permanent disability. It is legally mandated to own a Personal Accident Cover while driving on roads in India. You should skip this only if you already have another cover.

  • What is Zero Depreciation Cover?

    Zero Depreciation cover protects your vehicle from depreciation of consumable parts such as plastic, fibre, etc to ensure your claim amount remains unaffected. Without this, up to 50% of your claim amount requiring plastic replacement, could be denied pertaining to the age of vehicle parts.

  • What is the cover we get from the insurer suggested on the Ola portal?

    This insurance will cover 1 year of own damage cover + 5 years of 3rd party damage cover. We also recommend add-ons such as Zero Depreciation Cover and Personal Accident Cover to avail extra benefits.

  • What is the Insured Declared Value (IDV) given in the insurance?

    The Insured Declared Value is the maximum assured sum fixed by your insurer in case of theft or total loss of a vehicle.

  • What insurance options are available on Ola for the S1 Pro?

    Currently, we offer insurance from 3 renowned insurers - Acko, Digit and ICICI Lombard.

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