• When do I make the balance payment for my Ola Scooter?

    You will be prompted to make the full payment for your Ola scooter when your scooter is ready to be shipped. To purchase, the advance and the balance payments must be made through the Ola app. Please beware of fraudulent websites offering alternate payment options for the Ola scooter.

  • How do I opt for financing during the final payment for my Ola Scooter?

    Once you start your purchase journey by paying an advance of ₹20,000, you can avail financing for your Ola scooter at a later stage, before we ship it. You can opt for financing by choosing the "Pay in Installments" option.

  • How much interest will I have to pay if I opt for Financing through Ola?

    If you chose to opt for financing through Ola, interest rate starts from approx 8.3% and it goes upto11.26% per annum as per Simple Interest. This varies from Financer to Financer & also depends on the customer's credit profile.

  • What documents are accepted as proof of address?

    You need to submit your proof of address at the time of balance payment. The documents that can be provided as address proof are your Aadhaar card, voter card, Indian passport, electricity bill or a legal affidavit, in case the current address does not match the existing address. Any variation in documentation requirements by your local RTO will be informed to you at the time of final delivery.

  • What will happen if I am not eligible for a loan during the balance payment?

    Loan eligibility depends on the lending bank. If you are not eligible for a loan later, you can choose to pay the remaining amount through other sources or cancel your order.

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