• What is the coverage of the Ola Service Network?

    We will provide maintenance and repair service for Ola scooters at every location where we deliver. You will be able to book a service by calling up our service helpline number

  • How will maintenance and repair services be provided by Ola?

    For maintenance and repair service, you will need to follow these steps:

    1) Request for service support by calling our service helpline number or your dedicated brand champion.
    2) The executive on the phone will help identify the issue with your scooter.
    3) Depending on the severity of the issue, our service executive will help with the following:
    a) Troubleshooting: The service executive will troubleshoot minor issues over the phone.
    b) Minor repairs: A service technician will visit your home and carry out the repairs.
    c) Major repairs: We will pick up your scooter, get it repaired at our workshop, and return it to you.

    4) You will be requested for payment at the end of the service for any issues that were not covered under warranty. All payments will be online, you do not have to pay cash to anyone, nor will you have to visit the workshop to make the payment.

  • What is the warranty period of the Ola Scooter?

    The Ola scooter comes with a warranty of 3 years/40,000 km (whichever is earlier), and the battery comes with a warranty of 3 years/unlimited km.

  • What are the scheduled services for the Ola Scooter?

    We believe tech enabled preventive maintenance is the future, so there is no scheduled maintenance for the scooter, we however will constantly be assessing the health of your scooter remotely to ensure it is in top shape with no safety or service issues, and if we sense you need a servicing our service team will proactively contact you about the same.

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