• What are the USPs of the DASH?

    The incredible DASH holds a world of information. It doesn't just let you pair your bluetooth devices, but also helps with navigation and integrates the calling and messaging feature on the screen. It displays the scooter's projected range on the map in realtime, it lets you add multiple destinations on the map, play music over the impressive in-built bluetooth speakers and also lets you choose your preferred riding mode: Normal, Sports or Hyper. Additionally, the DASH can also indicate the closest Ola Hypercharger Station for your scooter.

  • What are the key software features?

    Let's just say the Ola Scooters have features the entire two-wheeler category has never seen before.

    1. DASH: A first-of-its-kind interactive touchscreen that takes your riding experience to a level above.

    2. Ola Electric app: Do it all. Lock and unlock your scooter, check the charging status and range, pick a ride mode and much more - all from your smartphone!

    3. Vehicle Intelligence: The Ola Scooter auto-locks and unlocks based on how far or close you are to it. It also has Charging Notifications, Range Alerts, Get Home Mode, Cruise Control, Take Me Home Lights and a Find My Scooter feature.

    4. Security Features: These include, Geofencing, Anti-theft Alert, and Vehicle Safety and Security Alerts.

    5. Infotainment Features: Now play your music, check your messages and answer your calls, all from your Ola Scooter.

    6. Cruise Control and Hill Hold features are available only on Ola S1 Pro. Learn more on the Digital Tech page.

  • How does the software update for my Ola Scooter take place?

    Just like your smartphone, the Ola Scooter can be updated with new features Over-the-Air (OTA)

  • With which version of Android and iOS is the Ola Electric app compatible with?

    The Ola Electric app is designed to support Android 7.0 and iOS 12.0 and above.

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