• What are the key software features?

    The Ola Scooter is the best scooter ever made, it offers the best range, the best technology and the best deisgn for a riding experience like never before. Some of the many magical features it offers are:

    1. Flash: A mini version of apps uniquely designed for quickly and simple interaction that helps you stay connected.

    2. MoveOS: With the MoveOS one can customise the ride experience - change the look and feel of the Dash by choosing from multiple moods available and also customise the sound of the scooter.

    3. Ola Sense (Vehicle management system) - The Ola Scooter comes with an advanced vehicle management system called Sense. It is designed to automatically manage your scooter and ensure you get the most optimal performance, range and longevity under a variety of riding conditions. Ola Sense dynamically adjusts the performance of your scooter as it manages various parameters including temperature and state of charge.

    4. Air lock (Feature - Smart locking/ unlocking of scooter) - Smart onboard sensors communicate with one’s phone to unlock the scooter when it is approached and lock the scooter while leaving In our endevour to continue to build on your exprience we will be upgrading our software from time to time which will be sent to you through Over-The-Air updates. Find more information about features here - https://olaelectric.com/digital-tech

    *New features are slated to roll out over the course of 2022. "

  • What are the USPs of the Dash?

    The incredible Dash holds a world of information. It can lock and unlock your scooter with ease. Along with that it can check your range, know your charge, navigate to your destination and more! Toggle between normal, sport and hyper modes like a pro! The Dash allows you to connect your phone via bluetooth and listen to your favourite music on the go.

  • How does the software update for my Ola Scooter take place?

    Just like your smartphone, the Ola Scooter's software can be updated Over-the-Air (OTA). Through these updates, you will continue to unlock new and improved features that will enhance your riding experience. Every new software update available will be communicated to you via email.

  • Which smart features will be available on my scooter at the time of delivery?

    The Ola scooter will have the following features at the time of delivery:

    1. Dash: A first-of-its-kind interactive touchscreen that will come equipped with the trip meter, odometer and screen brightness adjuster.

    2. Riding Modes: Say goodbye to boring rides. Different riding modes to help you optimize between range and performance.

    3. Digital Key: No more key woes! Seamlessly lock and unlock your scooter without any key. Automatically lock the handlebar once the scooter is switched off, to give you a truly keyless experience.

    4. Reverse Mode: A simple reverse throttle twist to get you out of the tightest parking spots.

    5. Regenerative Braking: Maximize vehicle range and go the extra mile using regenerative braking.

    6. Ola Sense: Active monitoring of your Ola scooter which optimizes vehicle range, temperature, performance and safety; intervening and notifying when it's neccessary.

    New features are slated to roll out progressively over the course of 2022, via Over-the-Air updates, to stay updated on what's coming next, visit:<<insert blog link>>

  • How do I get the Ola Electric App?

    The Ola Electric App will be live soon, and can be downloaded from the playstore/appstore. You will be notified by Email, SMS and Push Notification on the Ola App, stay tuned!

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