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Frequently Asked Questions


  • If the delivery address of the scooter is different from the address mentioned in Aadhar, what additional address proofs are required for registration?


    The address proof requirement for your scooter registration varies based on the State where the scooter is getting registered. Refer to the State-wise list of documents which are valid as address proof here


  • What are the primary vehicle specifications?

    The Ola S1 Pro is a powerful electric scooter, with a peak power output of 8.4 kW and an ARAI certified range of 181 km. The S1 Pro on Hyper mode, can accelerate from 0-40 km/h in only 3 seconds. The Ola scooter is equipped with a 7 inch water resistant dash and has 12 inch alloy wheels with disc brakes - both at the front and rear.

    Styled to be futuristic, the Ola scooter comes with high-grade twin LED projector lamps, a very practical best-in-category 36 litre boot, and a conveniently placed charging dock on the outside.
    For detailed specifications, visit https://olaelectric-videos.azureedge.net/olaelectric-videos/Ola%20Scooter%20Specifications.pdf

  • How much does an Ola Scooter cost?

    The ex-showroom price of the Ola S1 is ₹99,999 and the Ola S1 Pro is ₹129,999. These prices include FAME II subsidy, GST, and optional accessories. Accessories include - a home charger for the Ola S1 and the Ola S1 Pro. This price is exclusive of state subsidy, registration charges, road tax, vehicle insurance charges, and helmet charges.

  • How do I purchase an Ola scooter?

    There are 3 simple steps to purchase an Ola scooter :
    Step 1: Reserve your scooter by paying ₹499 through the Ola app or on our website www.olaelectric.com
    Step 2: Continue your purchase journey by making an advance payment of ₹20,000 after you get a notification that your advance payment window is activated
    Step 3: Make the balance payment once your balance payment window is activated close to your delivery date
    Please note that the advance and balance payments are to be made ONLY through the Ola app. You will be notified by Email, SMS and a push notification on your Ola App when the advance and balance payment windows are activated.

  • Where can I see my reservation/purchase status?

    You can check your reservation status on the Ola App or by logging onto our website. For the Ola App:
    Step 1: Click on the OLA S1 tab to view a list of "Your Reservations"
    Step 2: Click on the order ID you want to know the status of your order.

    You can also login to www.olaelectric.com with your registered mobile number and OTP to see your reservation status.

    The order statuses are described in detail here  

  • Where and how can I get a test ride?

    Test rides have started in major cities across India and we will soon be scaling up the test rides to over 1000 cities. Test Rides currently are invite only for those who have reserved or purchased an Ola Scooter:
    Step 1: You will receive an Email invite when test rides are available in your city
    Step 2: Click on the 'Book Now' button in the invite, to choose a test ride slot as per your convenience
    There are no charges for a test ride. Don't forget to carry a valid driving license. For more details related to test rides in your city, please visit: https://blog.olaelectric.com/the-ola-s1-test-ride-experience-is-coming-to-you/

  • Note: All references to Ola S1 Pro include the "Performance Upgrade" accessory. For FAQs related to other configurations of Ola scooters please write to us at